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Leather Cleaning

Carpet Devil are based in Nottinghamshire and undertake our services throughout Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. We offer a fully mobile Leather Cleaning and Leather Repairs and Restoration service in the home. We do not remove the furniture from your home for weeks at a time this is fully undertaken in the comfort of your home.


Our technicians offer  cleaning using market leading leather cleaning products which remove dirt and grime along with deep in the grain removal without


Leather Cleaning Kit

causing damage to your leathers surface.  Keeping your leather clean from dirt allows your leather to breath when being used which lowers the chances of your

leather to peel and crack preserving the life of your leather.  Leather should be cleaned on a regular basics and is advised to be done every six months, we can provide you with a one off clean or a maintenance clean or provide you with a cleaning kit to undertake the cleaning yourself.


We also offer a Leather Protection service which is by adding a leather protection cream on to the leather after a clean, this helps keep the leather soft and supple and helps prevent against uv rays from the sun, if the leather is kept supple it prevents the leather from drying out and cracking.  This allows the the every day dirt and grime to sit on top of the leather protection cream rather than sitting deep in to the grain.  The protection cream really does have its benefits and well worth having applied, your leather is a expensive investment and well worth looking after.

Repairs & Restoration

With everything faults can occur and overtime the level of damage can get worse, we would always advise for you to nip it in the bud and get the repairs and restoration undertaken quickly and promptly this will not only keep your leather in pristine condition will also keep the costs of any repair bills down to a minimum.

We undertake a large range of repairs and restoration service using only the best repair methods and repair products.  We have listed a selection of repairs and restoration services we offer.

Colour Loss
Panel Replacement

Case Study

Here we were called to our customer to undertake a full renovation service, over the years with a busy family life along with using incorrect cleaning products the

Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

furniture had stared to peel and loose colour in the high wear areas.  The high wear areas are the seats back and arms which take all the wear from everyday use, we come across this problem on a daily basics.  Customers think when there furniture get in this condition that its not restorable and that they need to start to look for new furniture.

This is not the case, in most cases we are able to full restore the furniture putting your leather furniture back to a like new condition which enable you to continue to enjoy your leather for many more years, as with the leather cleaning this service is undertaken in your home, there is no need for your furniture to be removed from your home for weeks at a time.

Our service is to provide you with a full renovation service in your home on the same day of our visit, we do not come and collect a sample to send for colour mixing from a supplier, we are fully trained to undertake the repairs and restoration service in your home in one visit, be assured that the price we quote is the price you pay.

The Process

Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

We started by deep cleaning each and every panel of the furniture we need to be sure that the previous cleaning agents and protection creams along with dirt and debris is removed, this will enable the new leather dyes to adhere to the leather.

Once the areas are fully cleaned all areas that have received colour loss are then prepped this is using a solvent base cleaner which removes oils and silicones from the leather which causes determination to the leather surface.

The areas which are missing colours are now restored by applying the leather dye back to the leather surface which build this up in fine coats making sure each layer is fully dried before the next layer is applied, this is key to ensure a good bond.

When the suite has been fully restored and all the faulty areas are colour restored we apply a new top coat seal, we have both options of using a water based topcoat or a solvent Topcoat this is dependent on damage type which the service technician will confirm when undertaking the repairs.  In this case due to the level of colour loss the technical opted to use a Solvent Topcoat.


Once your restoration has been undertaken the furniture does not require cleaning or protecting for a a minimum of three months, the leather dyes will continue to sure and get stronger over time.  We do recommend a leather cleaning kit and maintaining your leather every six months, if time is a issue we will be happy to offer a maintenance plan for you and we will undertake this on your behalf.

Contact us today on 07951 149335.


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