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Here we have some Faq which we have come across, if you feel we should have any more faq questions or a question you would like answered please get in touch. on 07951 149335


Q. How do I get a quote for my Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning?

A. You can phone or email me to arrange a suitable time for an on-site visit and survey, of course it's free and I will offer advice and give an accurate no obligation quote for the cost of your cleaning.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpet?

A. When I undertake your free survey I will give you an accurate time scale for your cleaning. Carpet Devil use the most up-to-date carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment that will complete the work faster and more thoroughly than most other cleaning systems, in order that your home can be returned to normal as soon as possible.

Q. Will all of my furniture have to be moved out?

A. No, most furniture I can move and put back as I progress, all I ask is that smaller objects and breakables are moved beforehand. All furniture legs are protected with foil tabs or polystyrene blocks which are easily removed once the carpets are completely dry, this will stop any dye or rust spots from marking the carpet.

Q. How long will my carpet take to dry?

A. This must be the most commonly asked question, of course there are many factors which determine this such as depth of the carpet pile and the amount of soiling as well as the temperature and ventilation inside the property . However our latest Hot Water Extraction System will leave your carpets as dry as possible, I also force dry carpets wherever possible with the use of a Turbo Drying unit to reduce the drying time to a minimum. Most Carpets cleaned with our Hot Water Extraction System should be fully dry within 4 to 5 hours of cleaning and with our Low Moisture system approx 30 minutes.

Q. Will my carpet shrink during cleaning?

A. Another popular question, the most common cause of shrinkage is `over wetting’ of the carpet. The carpet cleaning system that Carpet Devil use along with our training and experience make it virtually impossible to over wet your carpets, as long as your carpets have been professionally fitted the problem should never arise.

Q. Will it be possible to remove all of the stains on my carpet?

A. Every stain or spot will be treated and I will certainly do my very best to remove them, however some stains are permanent so I cannot guarantee their complete removal. Certain dyes from food colouring and other products can cause permanent damage to carpets and complete removal of stains can be dependent on the length of time the stain has been in existence, so it's imperative to have them treated at the earliest opportunity. I will discuss any foreseeable problems and discuss the expected results at the time of Survey.

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. Payment is due on completion of work either by Cash or Cheque.

Q. I have heard that once you have had your carpets or upholstery cleaned they get dirty quicker?

A. Some carpet and upholstery cleaning systems are unsuitable for certain purposes and will leave sticky residues behind which accelerate re-soiling and defeats the purpose of cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Using the Hot Water Extraction System I rinse out the fibres with a Safe, Natural and Eco-Friendly rinse agent to remove any residues which leaves your carpets and upholstery thoroughly clean and safe for both the family and pets.

Q. Which areas do you operate in?

A. Carpet Devil provide a carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service in both Newark & Grantham and all of the surrounding areas.

Q. Are you Insured?

A. Yes, Carpet Devil are fully insured. We carry Treatment risk insurance that covers us if we were to accidently damage your carpets or upholstery whilst cleaning, plus we also carry full public liability insurance of £2 million.

Q. Are any harmful chemicals used during cleaning?

A. No, all of the cleaning solutions Carpet Devil use on your carpets and upholstery are Safe, natural, child & pet friendly and kind to the environment.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. Our normal working hours are between 08.00hrs to 21.00hrs, 7 days a week for all domestic carpet and upholstery cleaning, However an out of hours cleaning service for commercial clients can certainly be arranged if required. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable, professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service as and when you need it.

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