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Carpet Cleaning  in Newark and Carpet Cleaning Grantham offer the very best in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning service.

Probably, of all the expensive assets under your care, we doubt whether any is at greater risk than your carpets. With an average sized family, maybe with pets, your carpets are constantly being attacked from tracked-in dirt, grime and spillages being pushed deeper into the fibres of the carpet with every footstep.

Over a period of time that fresh clean appearance will start to look dull and grubby, especially walkways, this will cause permanent damage if your carpets are not professionally cleaned periodically.

Regular professional, deep cleaning of your carpets improves the health of the indoor environment by removing toxins, allergens, fine dust particles, adhesive bacteria and other pollutants from within the carpet fibres improving Internal Air Quality to the benefit of all occupants as well as extending the life and improving the look of your carpets.



Studies show that 70% of soil in your carpets can be removed in a dry state so our thorough cleaning commences with a pre-vacuum of all areas to be cleaned using our powerful twin motor Sebo vacuum to remove as much dry soil, dust, grit and pet hair from the carpet as possible.

Stain treatment and Pre-conditioning:

At this stage any difficult to remove stains e.g. coffee, make-up, gum etc are pre-treated. We then spray all areas of carpet to be cleaned with a powerful pre-conditioner, WoolSafe where appropriate, this pre-conditioner emulsifies and suspends soil, making it easier to remove from the carpet in the extraction process. The products and carpet cleaning agents we use are the safest, Eco-Friendly, cleaning solutions available which are safe for all the family, pets included.


The pre-conditioner is agitated to loosen soil embedded deep in the carpet that most vacuums miss, this also helps to raise the crush marks from heavy foot traffic, table legs etc.

Hot Water Extraction:

After sufficient dwell time, greasy soils and sticky spots are loosened and ready to be Power Rinsed away by our Twin-Jet high pressure cleaning wand fitted with a Teflon Glide and powered by the amazing AIRFLEX PRO 600. This system ensures that the cleaning solution never comes to rest on the carpet, allowing a much larger volume of solution to be pushed through the carpet fibres for a more thorough carpet cleaned without soaking the backing and the pad of the carpet. The solution is extracted instantaneously, 30% more than with conventional systems and as a result the carpet DRIES MUCH FASTER preventing any of the problems associated with slow to dry and wet carpets.

OR Low Moisture Bonnet Clean:

Faster and quieter than Hot Water Extraction in certain circumstances, normally used on Low Profile carpets, office areas, nursing homes etc where machine noise and drying time (approx 30 minutes) is a major concern.


Carpets are groomed to help raise the crushed nap from heavy foot traffic and allow better air flow through the carpet fibres, to better aid in the drying process and the pile is correctly set whilst still damp.

Turbo Drying:

Wherever practical we use specially designed Turbo Fans to help dry all areas of carpet cleaned. With fast drying carpets essential areas can usually be put back into use within a few hours of the carpets being cleaned.

Our carpets undertake a process means that your carpets will be cleaner, stay cleaner for longer, the colours are left vibrant, sharp and sparkling clean PLUS your carpets will be dry in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

No Matter your problem Carpet Devil will have a cleaning solution for you, we have a huge ranges of cleaning products best suited for each clean, there is no one go to product for every situation.  You need to understand the chemistry involved to get the best results.

For Devilishly Clean Carpets And Upholstery Throughout Nottinghamshire - Lincolnshire - Cambridgeshire

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

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